Hello!Welcome to my new blog about Essential Oils for Health and Wellness! My name is Mellisa and I am a  Wellness Advocate in Ontario, Canada.  I’ll be sharing stories about how essential oils have improved my family’s health and  ideas for using essential oils in your daily life.

I first learned about essential oils from entering giveaways on blogs.  I read some posts about DoTerra essential oils and entered giveaways to try and win some but unfortunately I wasn’t lucky those times.  The stories of healing that I have read were so moving that I wanted to be a part of it too! Then I noticed one of my contacts on a business social network was a new  Wellness Advocate and decided to sign up through them.  So far I have received amazing support from the team and I am proud to be a Wellness Advocate.

DoTerra is fairly new in Canada and I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful health movement! If you are a DoTerra Wellness Advocate in Canada or are interested in learning more about becoming one please connect with me in the comments section.

You can also contact me through my social networks: