boys + doTERRA

Another amazing success story for this mom and her boys!   To save 25% off the retail prices you can get a Wholesale Membership by clicking here.

sunrise PURSUIT

i have boys.  we have MANY bumps, falls, bruises, cuts, scrapes, some with blood, some without.  i have boys.  my oldest isn’t the stablest or most coordinated guy in the world…he’s a work in progress!  but he is a great essential oil experiment daily!  🙂 what I am learning as a mom who uses essential oils on her family is it’s all about trial and error.  one thing works great for me and not as great for my husband.  same with my kids.  lavender helps my youngest sleep well…but it has the reverse effect on my 3 year old.  (who knew…so glad we figured this out early on!)  but after trying several oils we found that roman chamomile works wonders and he now sleeps all night, most nights unless our schedule is really off!  this truly is a breakthrough since we went almost 2 years with him constantly waking and…

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