My DoTERRA Story

This is a blog all about my experience learning to use  essential oils for common health issues, cleaning, mood enhancement and more.

I first heard about  essential oils from reading mommy blogs and entering blog giveaways.  The stories of healing that people were sharing on their blogs  were amazing and I wanted to try essential oils on myself and family.  The popularity and the wonderful success stories people have written about healing themselves with these essential oils is what made me want to become a Wellness Advocate.   When I read about DoTerra again on a social network I decided buy  the Family Physician kit with  wholesale membership so that I could try and save 25% off retail prices.

Before I even had the chance to make my first oils order, I was contacted by a leader in my upline and set up a time to go over a presentation about essential oils and DoTerra.  This was a very helpful presentation and a great way for me to learn about the products.  She offered to do the same for anyone who joins  me so that’s a real motivator for me! After that I received a welcome package in the mail from my enroller. It had the Modern Essentials book, brochures, and a paper copy of the presentation I had just done and the Wild Orange essential oil.  All of this support from my team is extremely motivating and helpful!

My first experience using Wild Orange essential oils was a success! It helped my sore knee when I was at work and also helped motivate me to keep working! It is such a happy smelling oil that it improved my mood all day.  I love all of the other oils I have received in my Family Physician kit.  The lavender oil helps my family have a restful sleep and the peppermint helps us wake up!

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I am a DoTerra Wellness Advocate in Ontario, Canada.  If you are interested in learning more about essential oils and how they can help you improve your life please leave a message on any of my blog posts or talk to me on my social network profiles.  I can teach you how to save from 20% – 25% off the retail prices!


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